Four Ways Commercial Cleaning Improves Your Business

A clean office offers numerous benefits – and an improved aesthetic is only one of them. Not only does a clean office look better for your clients and employees, but it can reduce the spread of illness, increase safety, and reduce stress as well. Here are four ways commercial cleaning can improve your bottom line…


1. Happier, More Productive Employees

A deep-cleaned office can spark joy in the employees who spend 40+ hours of their week there. Clean offices lead to increased focus, which then leads to increased productivity – and more work means a better bottom line.

2. Free Up Time for Primary Work Goals

Just as productivity can be increased by a cleaner office, it can be decreased by an office in need of attention. If an office needs to be cleaned, it may take more time to wade through endless documents, wipe up kitchen messes, or even take more sick days. Commercial cleaning can eliminate these issues, which allows you and your employees to focus solely on work.

3. More Satisfied Customers

First impressions make a lasting impact. Just as clients pay attention to one’s dress and appearance, they similarly notice the cleanliness and organization of the office. Commercial cleaning can be more thorough than cleaning by yourself and creates an office environment that is sure to impress clients upon walking through the door. Then, clients are more likely to return – and to spread positive reviews by word of mouth!

4. Save Money in the Short and Long Term

While commercial cleaning may seem expensive at first, it ultimately can save your company money. One thorough, in-depth cleaning can eliminate the need for repeated smaller cleanings over time. Furthermore, commercial cleaning can eliminate issues like asbestos, leaks, and more that arise from lack of maintenance, saving money that would have to be spent on emergency repairs or replacements. Additionally, it allows you to engage with a third-party vendor rather than hiring, insuring, and managing your own in-house team..