What Types Of Businesses
Does Domain Cleaning Serve?

Office cleaning isn’t just about appearances – it’s about healthy and happy tenants, employees and customers.
Whether you oversee a small office, a corporate headquarters or a property managed building, Domain Cleaning Systems can help you provide a clean, healthy workplace through our comprehensive cleaning programs.
Through safety audits, green cleaning tactics, preventative maintenance techniques and the destruction of germ “hot zones,” we can help businesses improve efficiency, reduce employee absenteeism, reduce costs and protect the investment that you have in your in their facilities.
We know what it takes to clean and maintain financial institutions on a nightly basis. Domain Cleaning Systems has protected the brand image, safety and security of various banking and financial institutions. We understand the extra security required for trash removal, the need for additional attention to high-traffic areas, and the particular need for comprehensive floor care programs. From single location credit unions to large multi-branch banks, Domain Cleaning Systems has the experience and expertise to get the job done.
Domain Cleaning is a leader in healthcare cleaning, with a focus on surgical centers and medical office buildings. By implementing appropriate cleaning procedures our medical clients can ensure the safety of their staff and patients. Each year many Americans are affected by preventable “Healthcare Acquired Infections” (HAI’s). Resulting in costs to the US Healthcare System of millions of dollars. HAI’s can be prevented through usage of proper cleaning procedures and products. Your Domain Cleaning team will employ advanced infection prevention techniques that follow CDC standards.
Shoppers can tell when retail stores hire an exceptional and professional cleaning company. Their restrooms are cleaner, their windows are shinier, their floors are free from debris and dirt, and their shoppers spend more time and money in their stores. Our cleaning staff has the experience, supplies and equipment to maintain your retail space at the highest level, ensuring that your customers won’t be put off by unclean floors or restrooms.
Studies show that the cleanliness of academic facilities plays an important role in students’ overall well-being and academic progress. That’s why Domain Cleaning Systems has developed a comprehensive cleaning program designed specifically for school environments. In addition to reducing overall operational costs, our processes and products improve facility hygiene to reduce illness, resulting in lower absenteeism among students, faculty and staff members.

Types Of Cleaning We Do

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Our Comprehensive Facility services are much more than cleaning. Our goal is to help you provide a safe, secure and healthy environment.
Traditional nightly cleaning is just part of what we do at Domain Cleaning Systems. We analyze the unique needs of our clients to create total solutions for their facility. Our site managers will get to know your site, so that no nook (or trashcan) is overlooked. Our team will get to know you and your employees in order to address specific preferences and requests. From very specific one-time cleans to your more routine needs, Domain Cleaning Systems has you covered in Austin!

Healthy Building

How can Domain Cleaning Systems help you promote health at work? The best thing you can do to encourage a healthier workforce is to cut germs off at the source. We disinfect “common touch” areas. Our cleaning teams disinfect door handles, elevator buttons, railings, copier stations, meeting and reception areas, vending machines, water coolers, and other high-traffic areas where germs can easily spread. We provide products that encourage healthy habits. Healthy behaviors are easier to promote with the right resources. Setting up hand sanitizers near germ “hot spots” is a great start. You can also place easy-to-access sanitizing wipes in work areas and in meetings rooms. We can make an even bigger impact by installing touch-free soap and paper dispensers in your restrooms and break rooms.

Restaurant Cleaning

If you are a restaurant owner, you know important deadlines and hygiene of important. Unlike any other business, the quality is assessed on the basis of the level of cleanliness it maintains in all aspects of its practice Rather than looking for a silver bullet, we take a comprehensive approach. This includes using quality cleaning products, disinfecting touch points, increasing cleaning frequency, using the proper chemicals and processes, encouraging hand-washing, implementing visual social distancing cues and following guidance from the CDC and other authorities. If you’re in the process of reopening your business and have questions, a Domain Cleaning Systems representative will gladly speak with you about a cleaning program to meet your needs and how we can support your efforts.

Healthy Building

Being kind to the environment is something we all strive for in Austin. The Domain Cleaning Systems Green Star cleaning program uses environmentally friendly cleaning methods, products and equipment, making it easy for you to protect your employees’ health – without harming the environment. We’ll work with you to define the green cleaning procedures that work best for your property.